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Number of publications on Australian languages

Lois Carrington and Geraldine Triffitt. 1999. OZBIB: A linguistic bibliography of Aboriginal Australia and the Torres Strait Islands. Pacific Linguistics D-92
OZBIB Supplemement 1999-2006. Compiled by Geraldine Triffitt. Canberra: Mulini Press, 2006.

Here is a graph of decadal counts of publication year of items in OZBIB (using preliminary 1999 and 2000-05 counts with thanks to Geraldine Triffitt).
counts and population by decade
Decadal counts of publication year of items in OZBIB (left scale, logarithmic); with Australian population (right scale, logarithmic)

Source for Australia's population: cat. no. 3105.0.65.001 Australian Historical Population Statistics, Australian Bureau of Statistics
Note: Includes estimates of the Indigenous population only from 1961 onwards

Counts on linear scale:
OZBIB by decade
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