Last changed 24 May 2004

Update to 1989 summary

Western Desert lexicography: A mid-1989 status report

Documentation of Western Desert languages

checklist of source materials: lexical and grammatical

Update to Western Desert lexicography: A mid-1989 status report .

  1. Machine-readable vocabularies
  2. Ngaanyatjarra Word List     Amee Glass                     May 1988
    Wangkatja                   Noel Blyth                      1988
    Yulparija                   Ken McKelson & Diana           February 1989
    Martu Wangka                Jim Marsh                       1992
    Pintupi/Luritja             Ken & Lesley Hansen             1992
    Pitj/Yank                   Cliff Goddard (incl Eckert)     1992
    Kukatja                     Hilaire Valiquette (incl Peile) 1993
  3. Machine-readable compilations
  4. WA mammal names database, received 24/10/1990 from Burbidge.
    Burbidge, Andrew A., K.A. Johnson, Phillip J. Fuller and R.I. Southgate. 1988. Aboriginal knowledge of the mammals of the central deserts of Australia. Australian Wildlife Research 15,9-39.
    01 Pitjantjatjarra
    02 Ngaatjatjarra
    03 Ngaanyatjarra
    04 Pintupi
    06 Kukatja
    07 Luritja
    08 Manytjilytjarra
    09 Kartutjarra
    11 Warnman
    13 Putitjarra
    16 Yulparrja
    24 Wangkatjungka

    Valiquette, Hilaire (ed.). 1993. A Basic Kukatja to English Dictionary. ISBN 0646124536  iv+4362pp. Balgo: Luurnpa Catholic School. * based on A.R. Peile's work

    Blyth, J. Noel. 2001. Wangka Base Dictionary. 2nd edition, 2000. ISBN 0-9578596-0-0 Revised February 2001. Gibson, WA: The author.

    Glass, Amee and Dorothy Hackett (compilers). 2003. Ngaanyatjarra and Ngaatjatjarra to English Dictionary. Alice Springs: IAD Press.

  5. Not machine-readable

  6. Murtonen, Aimo Edvard. 1969. Pintupi, statistical and comparative survey of an Australian Western Desert language. Melb. * AIATSIS Library  B M984.87/o1 * includes vocabulary recorded by the author at Papunya

    Hansen, K.C. 1984. Communicability of some Western Desert communilects, pp.1-112 in Language Survey, ed. by J. Hudson & N. Pym. Work Papers of SIL-AAB Series B Volume 11. June 1984. xi+167pp. Darwin: Summer Institute of Linguistics Australian Aborigines Branch. ISBN 0 86892 312 5

    Wangatha Dictionary. October 2002.  Kalgoorlie: Wangkanyi Ngurra Tjurta. 112pp.