Australianist Weekend, March 15-17th, 2002.

"Woodside", Blackwood, Victoria.

For further information contact: Rachel Nordlinger,

Saturday 16th March.

9.00-9.40 Rachel Nordlinger ‘Exploring the adjoined in the adjoined relative clause’

9.40-10.20 Jane Simpson ‘Do Central Australian languages have depictives?’

10.20-10.50 BREAK

10.50-11.20 Patrick McConvell - discussion about ARCLING

11.20-12.00 Tom Mylne ‘Deverbal Nominals in Kalkatungu: Why they are not "non-finite".’

12.00-12.40 Mary Laughren ‘Warlpiri non-finite clauses: how many types are there?’

12.40-1.40 LUNCH

1.40-2.20 Mark Harvey ‘Proto-Mindi’

2.20-3.00 Ian Green ‘More on Proto-Mirndi’

LATE AFTERNOON: socialising/bushwalking/wandering

EVENING: Double book launch:

Nicholas Evans and Hans-Jürgen Sasse (eds) Problems in Polysynthesis

Mark Harvey A Grammar of Limilngan

Sunday 17th March.

9.00-9.40 Patrick McConvell ‘Grammaticisation of deictics as subordinate complementisers in Ngumpin-Yapa’

9.40-10.20 Alan Dench ‘Case marking strategies in and on Pilbara subordinate clauses ? some diachronic speculations’

10.20-10.50 BREAK

10.50-11.10 Mark Harvey - discussion about AJL

11.10-11.50 Nick Evans ‘Who said to avoid subordination in polysynthetic languages? Piling it on in Dalabon’

11.50-12.30 Adam Saulwick ‘Some possessive constructions in Rembarrnga’

12.30-1.45 LUNCH

1.45-2.10 Peter Austin (via David Nash) ‘The Malyangapa Hypertext Knowledge Base’

2.10-2.50 Ilana Mushin ‘Clause linkage in Garrwa narrative discourse’

2.50-3.30 Rob Pensalfini ‘Deictic uses of verbs in Jingulu’


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