Blackwood Workshop on Australian Aboriginal Languages
12-14 March 2004
University of Melbourne

Call for papers

Programme (penultimate) as Word document

Friday 12th March, 2004

Room 509, 5th Floor, Arts Centre, University of Melbourne
Cnr Grattan and Swanston Streets, Carlton



SESSION: Etymology/General

11.00 Barry J. Blake and Gavan Breen

‘The relationship between Yalarnnga and Kalkutungu’

11.45 Ian Smith

‘Strange cognate densities and weird cognates in Kugu Nganhcara’
12.30-1.30 LUNCH (provided)

SESSION: Discourse and grammar interactions A

1.30 Introduction (Ilana Mushin and Brett Baker)

1.40 Patrick McConvell

‘Diachronic transitions between discourse and syntax: focus, contrast, topic and clitic placement’

2.20 Ilana Mushin

‘Loosening the ties: Variation in Garrwa tense/aspect/mood placement’

3.00 BREAK

SESSION: Discourse and grammar interactions B

3.30 Lesley Stirling

‘Repeated reference in Kala Lagaw Ya narratives’

4.10 David Rose

‘Switching Tracks: Identification in Western Desert discourse’

4.50 CLOSE

7.30pm DINNER AT BLACKWOOD PUB (self-funded)

Saturday 13th March, 2004

“Woodside”, Blackwood, Victoria

SESSION: Discourse and grammar interactions C

9.10 Mary Laughren

‘Comparing initial position in Wanyi and Warlpiri finite clauses’

9.50 Brett Baker

‘The interpretation of complex nominal expressions in two northern Australian languages’

10.30 BREAK

SESSION: Discourse and grammar interactions D

11.00 Ruth Singer

‘Nominalization and narrative in Mawng’

11.40 Discussion

12.30-2.00 LUNCH

SESSION: General

2.00 David Nash
    ‘Annual report on ASEDA’

2.45 John Giacon
    ‘Linguistic issues for language revival’


7.00 DINNER (Provided)

Sunday 14th March, 2004

“Woodside”, Blackwood, Victoria

SESSION: General

9.00 Nick Evans, Dagmar Jung, Kate Brown

‘It wasn't me: Interaction effects and non-iconicity: internal selection and the emergence of paradigmatic irregularity’

9.45 Alice Gaby

‘Levels of involvement: representing coparticipation in Thaayorre argument structure’

10.30 BREAK

SESSION: Etymology

11.00 Patrick McConvell

‘Searching across lexica for polysemy and semantic change’

11.45 Jenny Green

‘Working with a pan-Arandic database’

12.30     Discussion (Nick Evans)

1.00-2.00 LUNCH


Programme as Word document

Directions for drivers

Once on the Western Highway, take the Pykes Creek/Blackwood exit (past Bacchus Marsh, just near Ballan).  Continue west to the roundabout, then north along this road until you enter the township of Blackwood.  You will come into Blackwood along the main road.  Turn left at the Cobb & Co tearooms (towards the sports ground) then take the fork left into Simmons Reef Road (towards the Garden of St Erth).  The two houses we are using are opposite each other on this road: Woodside (on the right (north) -- where we'll gather), and Hillside on the left (south).
In case anyone has any difficulty, the phone numbers for the houses are: Woodside (03) 5368 6633, Hillside (03) 5368 6603.

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