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Compare the superior set of Multi-Dictionary Formatter (MDF) data field markers


David Nash, building on samples by John Henderson and Jane Simpson

* each line contains an attestation; in cases of polysemy, additional
sense glosses are put on the same line
* each group of lines is a correspondence set, separated from the next
correspondence set by a blank line
* (not in examples below:) added to the beginning of each line may be a
'sort key', which can be suppressed from display (e.g. by Format Character
as Hidden in MS Word, Invisible Style in Nisus)

\l language or proto-language abbreviation; language abbreviations are from
a standard set, typically of 2 or 3 letters and capitalised; a
proto-language (or 'pan'-language) abbreviation begins with a 'p'
\d dialect abbreviation (used mainly for Arrernte)
\w word (lexical item); affixes are cited with hyphen
\v variant form
\p part of speech; hyphens are used to classify affixes, e.g. N- is a
nominal suffix
\c semantic domain code
\g gloss
\q comment (in an attestation line, a comment focussing on that language; on
proto-language line, relates to whole correspondence set)
\s source of form in language
\m proposer of membership in correspondence set
\cf cross-reference (in an attestation line, points to a word in the same
language; on proto-language line, relates to whole correspondence set)
\id identifying information for file
@...$ enclose focus of correspondence; is only used when the comparandum
does not begin at the beginning of the word (or, morpheme as marked by +),
similarly $ is only used when the comparandum does not end at the end of the
+ marks a relevant synchronic morpheme boundary
_..._ enclose strings not in default language for field

Contributions to sample file (see \m fields):
John Henderson: Arrernte and Karnic, Wakaya, Pitj/Yank, Pintupi, Warlpiri
Mary Laughren: between Warlpiri and Kaytetye
Jane Simpson: Barkly-Warumungu correspondences

\l pCA \w *parti \g edible grub \m DGN
\l Ar \d C \w -atye \g edible grub \m JH
\l Ar \d SE \w -itye \g edible grub \m JH
\l Ar \w -arte, -ayte \g edible grub \m JH
\l Ar \d L \w -irte, -iyte \g edible grub \m JH
\l Kay \w kayte \g edible grub \m ML
\l Diy \w pardi \g grub type \s Austin 1981 \m JH
\l Wlp \w wardi$ngi \g grub \m ML
\l Kay \w -ayte \g grub \m HJK
\l Aly \w -ayte \g grub \m HJK
\l Arb \w parti \g grub \m HJK
\l Wajarri \w parti \g grub \q from Eng? \m HJK
\l Bag \w bardibardi \g grub \m HJK
\l Wlp \w laju \g edible grub \m JH

\l Jng \w mangkuru \p N \c A \g plain \s NC75 \m JHS
\l Wmb \w mangkuri$nji \p N \c A plains country \s KH \m JHS
\l Wru \w mangkkuru \v mangkkurru \p N \c A \g level ground, plains country
\c B \g sea \s JHS \m JHS
\l Yny \w mankuru \p N \c A extensive coastal saline flats \s JB \m
\l Yny \w mangkuru \p N \c B \g low tide \s JB \m JHS

\l Jng \w ngurraar$ijbi \p N \c G \g night \s NC75 \m JHS
\l Wmb \w ngurrar$ampa \p N \c G \g night \s KH \m JHS
\l Wru \w ngurrar$a \p N \c G \g camping out \q ngurraji _camp_, ngu
_lie_ \s JHS \m JHS

\l pPN \w *-bari \p N- \g PROP \s JHS
\l Mrg \w -bari \p N- \g PROP \s Breen 81.312 \m HJK
\l Gun \w -bayi \v -bari \p N- \g PROP \s Breen 81.312 \m HJK
\l Bdy \w -bayi \p N- \g PROP \s Breen 73.70 \m HJK
\l Bdj \w -baRi \p N- \g INHAB place \s Crowley 78.37 \m HJK
\l Bad \w -bari \p N- \g PROP \s Dunn 88.72 \m HJK

\l p? \w *majVlVjVlV \p N \c I \g navel \q Jng-Wru u~i \s JHS
\l Jng \w majulujulu$bi \v majurlu julubi \p N \c I \g navel \s NC75
\m JHS
\l Wmb \w mapulu$ma \p N \c I \g navel \s KH \m JHS
\l Wru \w mijilijili \p N \c I \g navel \s JHS \m JHS
\l Kay \w tyeletyele \p N \c I \g navel \s HJK \m HJK

\l pJng-Wru \q i~u
\l Jng \w bilyi$ngbi-aku \p N \c L.2 \g red \s NC75 \m JHS
\l Wru \w pulyu$rrulyurru \p N \c L.2 \g red \s JHS \m JHS

\l Jng \w rda@rdarl$a, rdirdirl-i-u \v rda@rdarl$um-a-i-u \p V \c Q \g to
knock \s NC75 \m JHS
\l Wmb \w rta$wu \p V to chop, cut \s KH \m JHS
\l Wru \w tarl- \p Pvb \c Q \g slam, beat, bang \s JHS \m JHS

\l pJng-Wru \q i~u, a~i
\l Jng \w marlinbu$ngu \p N \c B \g cyclone \s NC75 \m JHS
\l Wru \w marlanpu$rru \v marlurnpu$rru \p N \c B \g whirlwind \s JHS
\m JHS

\l pAr \w *arnt \g ? \m JH
\l Ar \d C \w arnt$@arnte$+areme \g look after \cf areme _'look, see'_
\s JH \m JH
\l Ar \d C \w arnt$irrkweme \g take hold of \s JH \m JH
\l Ar \d W \w irrkweme \g take hold of \s JH \m JH
\l Ar \d E \w arnt$irrkweme \g take hold of \q not conventionally thought of
as a compound \s JH \m JH

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