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Note: that the National Library introduced a new numbering system for these maps in September 1999, which is not (yet) available online.

Daisy Bates Special Collection

These maps been in the NLA Map Collection probably since 1941, separated from the Daisy Bates Manuscript Collection for storage and conservation reasons. See especially pp.23-25 of Isobel White (ed.) 1985. Daisy Bates. The Native Tribes of Western Australia. (Canberra: NLA).

The collection comprises 35 maps all of (parts of) WA, some clearly summaries of language and district names by DB, others fairly clearly drawn by (named) Aboriginal informants with place names added by DB. Most maps are of the 'Murchison district', and the rest are mostly around the WA SW and S coast and hinterland. There are also a couple of over-writings in the Kimberleys.

There is an un-numbered overview map of WA, "showing main cultural divisions of Aboriginal people", a photostat copy of the map reproduced opposite page 13 of White (ed.) 1985, there sourced as NLA, MS 365/3/4-5 Daisy Bates Papers.


typescript caption on list provided with collection
annotation by David Nash 21 Oct 1998

1. Tribal areas - Southern district
base map: '1909 Proposed Railway', colour, Kalgoorlie to SA border, to coast; names added in ink
2. Tribal areas - Windell area
base map: section of colour WA map; includes 'Inawonga'; cf. DB7
3. Totems
base map: WA
4. Social Organisation
base map: WA
5. Geographical Distribution
base map: WA
includes 'Bardu'
6. Group areas of S. Bibbulman
7. Group areas of Esperance area
base map: section of colour WA map; cf. DB2
8. Dialectic Map
monochrome copy of colour original
9.-31. Murchison district maps, showing waterholes, etc.
9. Map of Murchison area (Wardad,au, Kaiagaia, etc.)
includes: Lake Austin, Barlu; cf. DB25
10. Wardadau and Yinibundu (informants)
11. Lake Way Road
"Jinpuru's map"; includes Peak Hill
12. Ngulyibongu's, Maju's, Moaji's maps
pencil; 3 maps copied on to one sheet side by side
13. Ngulyibongu's map (2)
ink; cf. DB15
14. Ngulyibungu's map (3)
15. Ngulyibungu's map (4)
pencil; cf. DB13
16. Jangari's map (roads from Wilurna)
purple pencil circles; faint pencilled names, many circles unnamed
17. Muri's map
includes Wilurna at edge
18. Giljur's map (1)
19. Giljur's map (2)
includes: Jinmirning, BARLU [range]
20. Maju and Raja, informants
includes 'Gundu (limestone)'; pencil draft; ink copy
21. Womburu's map
includes 'Rabbit Proof Fence', Ngadawonga; large, with small inset
22. Jurdain's map, Edjudina
23. informant not given
includes Black Range; "See Jilguraguru" on edge - cf. DB26
24. Thurada's map
includes Cosmo Newberry
25. informant not given
includes: Lake Austin, Sandford; cf. DB9
26. Jilguguru's map
includes Lake Barlee, Ngabbaru; cf. DB23
27. Yingilit's map
note "Sent to W. Mail 21/3/1927"; includes Denmark, S coast
28. Gascoyne area map
includes Lake Way
29. Yandarga's map
includes Lake Way, Lawler; numerous names
30. Bauljara's map
includes "Barduwonga or Bardimaia", Sandstone
31. Nannine, etc. district, informant not given
includes Brown's Soak, Mt Townsend big meeting place; "towards Meekatharra" on edge
4 oddments
un-numbered and unlabelled

a. Warin's Father's Kalleep (group area); ink and pencil; includes Ngampin Pool
b. pencil; includes Mikatharra, Gascoyne
c. pencil on lined paper, small; includes Manjinja
d. pencil on lined paper, small; includes Lake Way Rd, Murari Stn, Peak Hill
There are also maps in boxes 92 and 93 of the DM Bates collection (MS 365) in the NLA Manuscript Room.
MS 365/93/20
hand-traced map of Australia with areas in eastern Australia and SW WA marked according to various "phratry names"
"Native Maps", MS 365/93[?]/28
sketch map "Eucla area"
MS 365/93/
"Janpari's map. Ngauwonga"; includes many Aboriginal names, and 'Gum Creek', 'Poison Creek'
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