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Recent interest in DS Davidson

Patrick McConvell's 1996 call for expressions of interest

In March 2006 Associate Professor Harry Allen (Anthropology, Univ. of Auckland) responded to McConvell "I am interested in doing something re D.S.".

At 4:49 AM +1000 30/4/06, Patrick McConvell wrote:
… the idea of a centenary volume on DSD in 2000 cited from my posting turned out to be a fizzer - apparently zilch interest in N America apart from Alan Bryan […]
There are enthusiasts here in Aus eg Kim Akerman and … Peter Bridge got back to me after several years from Hesperian Press expressing interest in an edition of his papers […]
I'd say there would be enough to have a conference session or mini-conference somewhere in a year or so. Maybe at the next AIATSIS conference which is in late 2007?
Facsmile reprint of DS Davidson's 1941 Aboriginal string figures published in 2006 by Hesperian Press.
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