Created 8 November 2000
Last changed 21 May 2013

Laves’ Cloncurry notes

by Gavan Breen <>

Laves notes on Mayi-Thakurti keyboarded Skewthorpe MT rev DGN 13e.pdf (14 pages) PDF File
'Assessing Gerhardt Laves’ Material On Mayi-Thakurti' Breen-MT.pdf (3 pages) PDF File

Converted from Nisus using PrintToPDF 2.4.5. Fonts 'SILDoulos IPA93' and 'Mobile' converted to bitmaps in PDF.
Note: Font 'SILDoulos IPA93' can be embedded with Adobe PDFWriter, but that method does not handle 'Mobile': see Cloncurry.pdf (13 pages)
Claris Drawing 'Skewthorpe genealogy' has not been converted.

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2000 Gerhardt Laves & Gavan Breen