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Davidson and Laves

University of Sydney Archives
Personal papers of AP Elkin
Group Number: P.130
Series 40. ANRC papers.
Box 159. 4/1/53
excerpt © University of Sydney Archives

letter 8/8/1930, Broome, from Laves to A Radcliffe-Brown
"I went out on the jetty this morning to see a southbound steamer which was making a short stop here.  I was very much surprised to hear my name called from one of the decks.  Dr. and Mrs. Davidson were on their way to Perth.  Unfortunately the boat had to leave on the same tide so that we had only a short conversation.  Dr. Davidson has completed his field work in the north and is now on his way to do a round of museums in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, leaving the Commonwealth in April."

letter 11/8/1930 DS Davidson to Laves

Davidson to Tindale

D.S. Davidson, Melbourne, Jan. 1931
letter to N.B. Tindale, Adelaide
In Tindale miscellaneous correspondence, 1930
Tindale collection, South Australian Museum
© 2003 South Australian Museum

"I just heard from Gerhardt Laves, the University of Chicago student
doing linguistic work for the National Research Council.  He is now in
Perth and apparently is going to test one of the Southwestern
languages.  He had a good spin at Cape L'Eveque and the Broome area.
When he comes thru Adelaide try and interest him in Frank Fletcher.
It would not take him long to determine the morphology of the language
even if he could not make an intensive study.  I have written to him
to stop in and see you."

Note: Tindale recorded vocabulary in the Maraura language from Frank Fletcher, who he met in 1938 at Swan
Reach, South Australia. (p.c. Philip Clarke 2001)

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