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Laves published very little on his Australian work.
1929a [Words among Australian Aborigines. Science n.s. 70, no.1823 : Supplement, xiv.
A note stating that Laves, a student of anthropology in the University of Chicago, is collecting Aboriginal words in the cane-farming district of northern N.S.W  * AIATSIS Library call number: P LAV
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1929b Collecting native words. El Palacio 27(8/9), 290-1.
Note on Laves and his research on the Kumbaingeri language.* AIATSIS Library Accession no. p 7797
Two Gumbainggar legends / comp. by Gerhardt Laves. [n.p.], 1929-1930. 1. A. Kumbaingeri text, [or] How the sea was made - 2. Madan yuludara.  (Aboriginal legend. Gumbainger and English). University of Sydney Library, Fisher Research call number 398.20994 33   

Laves prepared a paper on Gumbainggar grammar for the Brisbane meeting, May - June 1930, of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science. For financial reasons no papers were printed.

Laves prepared a paper which was presented before Section L of the AAAS at Atlantic City, the morning of December 31, 1932, in 'Primitive Linguistics', a joint session between AAAS Section H: Anthropology and Section L: Historical and Philological Sciences:
Presiding Officer: C. H. Danforth, VP of Section H, Stanford University
"The Drum Language of West Africa," George Herzog, Yale University
"A Preliminary Report on the Languages of Australia," Gerhardt Laves, University of Chicago
"Paper on Observations on the Phonetics of Primitive Languages," H. J. Uldall, Columbia University
"Paper on Algonquian Languages," Truman Michelson, Bureau of American Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution

Laves published only one other linguistics paper: a review of Induktiver Aufbau einer indonesischen Ursprache by Otto Dempwolff (C Boysen, 1934), Language Vol. 11, No. 3 (Sep., 1935), pp. 264-267 (which has no mention of Australia).

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