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(Sir) Raymond Firth correspondence

Letter to Firth from Gerhardt Laves, 19 August 1930
Correspondence about Historical Matters in Anthropology, LSE Library Archives

9 December 1931, from Dr Gerhardt Laves of Chicago to Raymond Firth in Sydney
[Talks about Radcliffe-Brown’s lectures and his discovery that Functionalism was not unknown in Chicago, ‘a let down to find himself no longer the centre of interest’. ‘Beneath all his lordly bearing and social polish there runs a naïf undercurrent that seems to have no place here…’]

Re Miss McConnel who came on the boat to USA with him: ‘I followed Hogbin’s counsel and limited our conversations to one half-hour, it taking about that long for her to develop her argumentative bull-dog grip.’

[With thanks to Peter Sutton and Michael Young]

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