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Linguistic type

Mudburra is an agglutinating language classified as an Eastern Ngumbin language in the Pama-Nyungan family. It is of the "Northern Western Desert type" in that nominal and verbal inflexion is by suffixation, nominals are obligatorily case-marked according to an Ergative-Dative scheme with unmarked Absolutive, there is not a strict word order, and a key part of the sentence is a pronominal enclitic sequence. Like languages to its north, Mudburra has only a small number (about thirty) of verb roots.

Brief history

Buchanan 1933 gives some of the flavour of the "white frontier" of the cattle industry in the region from the late 19th century, and includes (p.162) one distinctively Mudburra utterance: "wah goo-nee cuddybah" (no white man), sc. wakurni kardiba.

The Mudburra have been centrally involved in two land claims, and peripherally in at least three others. The two main claims were around Top Springs in 1979 (McConvell and Palmer 1979, Aboriginal Land Commission 1980) and around Murranji Bore in 1980-83 (Sutton, Coltheart and McGrath 1983), and both have resulted in the Mudburra gaining title to some of their land. The land claim documents include a good coverage of the history of the area.

The other claims, which also returned some land to the Mudburra and their southern neighbours, were a 1976 claim (McConvell 1976, 1977) and a 1980 claim (Nash 1980, Aboriginal Land Commission 1982). Part of the latter claim including some of the south-west part of Mudburra country adjacent to Cattle Creek Pastoral Lease was not recommended for grant, and was the subject of a Repeat Land Claim lodged in 1991, resulting in the Wampana-Karlantijpa Aboriginal Land Trust.

In 1991 the Mudburra received title to a small excision from Newcastle Waters Pastoral Lease at Union Paddock, the site of an strike camp of Aboriginal station labour in 1966 just before the more famous "walk off" at Wave Hill (see for instance Hardy 1968).

The primary source is McConvell 1974 etc., which was processed by me 1983-84, and records primarily the western dialect.  Rebecca Green has continued work on the language with people at Elliott and Marlinja.  John Avery has been recording and studying men's singing.

Past investigations

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