bilabial  apico-    apico-    lamino-   velar
alveolar  domal     alveolar

stops b d rd j k nasals m n rn ny ng laterals l rl ly flap rr glides w r y


front  back
high i u Long vowels are written as low a doubles: ii, uu, aa

Note that some sounds are written with a singe letter, and some with two letters (a digraph).

The orthography is similar to the standard Gurindji and Warlpiri orthographies. The difference is that the Mudburra orthography uses the letters b and d (and rd) where Warlpiri etc. use p and t (and rt). Warlmanpa and Warumungu are also written in a similar practical orthography.

There is an orthographic convention that word-initially (and after a hyphen, at least a hyphen separating the parts of a reduplication), rd, rn, rl are written d, n, l. The convention (often adopted in Warlpiri) or writing nyj, lyj as nj, lj is not adopted. Proper names are capitalised, and other punctuation is as for English.

Alphabetical order is the standard one. Digraphs are broken into the constituent letters for ordering purposes, except that n-initial words are kept together (no matter what the following vowel).