Australian languages workshop, MIT, January 1997

Sunday January 26th

10am-12 noon Caroline Jones (UMass Amherst)
- Umpila and Mangarrayi reduplication
12noon-1pm LUNCH (not provided, we'll all go out somewhere)
1pm-3pm Brett Baker (University of Sydney and UMass Amherst)
- Degemination as syllable structure alternation
3pm-5pm Rob Pensalfini (MIT)
- From Jiwarli to Mohawk via Warlpiri, Wambaya, Jingulu, and Mayali: a typlogy of nonconfigurationality
5pm-6pm Barry Alpher
- The distributive singular and the number 'one'.

Monday January 27th

9am-11am Norvin Richards (MIT)
- What happened to Lardil?
11am-1pm Caroline Jones (UMass Amherst)
- Gurindji nasal cluster dissimilation
1pm-2pm LUNCH (not provided, Indian buffet in central Sq?)
2pm-4pm Ken Hale (MIT)
- Diversity over time and space, with special reference to Wik and Middle Paman
4pm-5pm Rob Pensalfini (MIT)
- Jingulu vowel harmony: syntax-sensitive phonology

Information from Robert Pensalfini.

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