MediaTagger: Macintosh-based video transcription
(MPI TG presentation)

Hennie Brugman


At the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics  more and more scientific
work in psychology, anthropology, linguistics and gesture research is based
on detailed analysis of video recordings, both of experiments and of field
expeditions. Transcription and subsequent analysis is a tedious process,
because it is time consuming and because the resulting transcription
corpora are hard to use.
Therefore  an ambitious technical program was started to improve on the
quality of both the transcription process and the transcription corpus by
exploiting new possibilities offered by the use of digital video and audio.
Key components of the video coding environment are:

- MediaTagger, a Macintosh program using digital video movies. MediaTagger
extends these movies with a multi-level complex network of synchronised
transcription and coding text labels. This network can be used to access
any specific video segment on the fly. Vice versa, playing the video plays
any selection of the transcription network in the form of multiple
synchronised subtitles.

- A relational database system for storage of MediaTagger's structured
transcription text, complete with time references to a corresponding
digital video archive.  Database and video archive are located on a network
server, and can be shared by multiple simultaneous users.

- A sophisticated query generator to locate video segments (= interesting
parts of movie files) in the database on basis of patterns of attribute
values. Possible patterns are determined in interaction with the database
on basis of the user's design of coding systems and are represented
graphically on the computer screen.

All components can be controlled from and are presented on the scientist's
desktop Macintosh system in a tightly integrated way.

Hennie Brugman
Max-Planck-Institute for Psycholinguistics
Wundtlaan 1, 6525 XD Nijmegen

tel: 31-24-3521203
fax: 31-24-3521213

Date created: 24 April 1998
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 1998 Hennie Brugman
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