Various past classifications

LS Capell 1963

RLS Oates & Oates 1970

XXIX Pama-Nyungan family
A Southwest group
f Mirniny Subgroup Douglas is gathering the remnants of this language. He reports the death of one of the three remaining speakers (February, 1969).

Supplement to RLS Oates & Oates 1973

p.81: Njindago (Herrmann) [F Herrmann notes on sign language, map - p.426]
Originally listed by O'Grady et al as belonging to the Mirninj Subgroup but Douglas and Wurm now list as a dialect of Wadjari.


One informant remains.

Distinguishing features:
'game': njanjarr
'by me': nadju
'man': marlba

'game': tjuru
'by me': ngadju
'man': paljgu
  1. f Windaga
may belong to Njagi-Njagi

CGvB 1971 Salvage work... Bull ICAER

Herrmann, Ferdinand. 1967. Volkerkunde Australiens. Mannheim ; Bibliographisches Institut. 250pp. illus. ; maps.
AIATSIS Library annotation:
Notes on gesture language, hand signs; General

physical anthropology, 907 tribe names listed with
location and maps; Clothing, ornaments,
scarification; Hunting, fishing, foods & their
preparation; weapons, method of using spearthrower
hafted axes, shelters; Social structure, classes,
marriage laws (Kariera, Aluridja & Ungarinyin types)
Totemism, matriand patrilineal descent;
Initiation rites, use of bullroarer, tjurunga, body
decorations; Religious beliefs; Rock art; other
types of art briefly outlined; Present-day contact
situation; List of references, tribes and places
[AIATSIS B H568.19/V1; copy has a typescript loose in vol., with English translation of detailed contents list.]

4.1 Languages of the South-East
4.1.1 Kalaku
4.1.2 Kalaamaya
4.1.3 Mirning
4.1.4 Ngatjumaya
4.1.5 Nyaki-Nyaki