Created: 23 April 1998
Last modified: 18 July 2007

Warlpiri verbs roots

David Nash

This reprints an Appendix to my Topics in Warlpiri Grammar (1980, 1986), slightly amended.
The verbs are listed by conjugation, and the conjugations are ordered according to the Yuendumu dictionary (Hale 1974). The conjugation membership of a verb is indicated by citing it in the NonPast, with the suffix separated by a hyphen. Each verb's case frame is indicated with the abbreviations ERGative, ABSolutive, DATive.

janka-mi	ABS burn
ERG burn ABS
japirdi-mi ABS threaten DAT
jarnti-mi ABS limp
-jarri-mi ABS become...
jija-mi ABS succumb to DAT
jirrti-mi ABS hang out
jiti-mi ABS descend
kampa-mi ABS burn
ERG burn ABS
kapati-mi ABS be uneasy in DAT
karla-mi ABS flow
karlpi-mi ERG (temperature) cause suffer ABS
karri-mi ABS stand
karrka-mi ABS proceed
kawarirri-mi ABS wander
kulpa-mi ABS return home
lirri-mi ABS swell
ngarlarri-mi ABS laugh
ngurntirri-mi ABS scold DAT
nguna-mi ABS recline
nyanjalpi-mi ERG after hunting get food ABS
nyina-mi ABS sit
nyurla-mi ERG knead ABS
pali-mi ABS die
papi-mi ABS ignite
-para-mi ERG follow ABS
pardi-mi ABS arise
parnka-mi ABS run
parntarri-mi ABS crouch
parnti-mi ABS smell
pura-mi ERG follow ABS
purla-mi ABS shout to DAT
purra-mi ERG burn ABS
rdilypi-mi ABS dribble
rdipi-mi	ABS gather
ABS encounter DAT
tirlpi-mi ERG flake ABS
turlka-mi ERG pinch ABS
wangka-mi ABS speak
ABS speak to DAT
wanti-mi ABS drop
wapa-mi ABS move about
wapirri-mi ABS conceal DAT
waraparnpi-mi ABS sing out
ABS announce DAT
wipi-mi ABS radiate
wirnpirli-mi ABS whistle
wirnti-mi ABS (women) dance
yampi-mi ERG leave alone ABS
ERG reject ABS
yardirri-mi ERG bring offerings to DAT
yarnka-mi ABS start on journey
ABS grab for DAT
yilya-mi ERG send ABS to DAT
yirdi-mi ABS be frightened
yuka-mi ABS enter
yula-mi ABS cry
yulka-mi ABS cherish DAT
yurirri-mi ABS stir

jaja-rni ERG eat off ABS
jampi-rni ERG lick ABS
japi-rni ERG ask ABS about DAT
jarnti-rni ERG scrape ABS
-jirri-rni ERG act forcefully on ABS
jiti-rni ERG tease ABS
kardi-rni ERG scoop up ABS
kati-rni ERG weigh down on ABS
kiji-rni ERG throw ABS
ERG put decoration ABS on DAT
kipi-rni ERG winnow ABS
kulpa-rni use
larrji-rni ERG scratch ABS
luwa-rni ERG hit-with-missile ABS
maja-rni ERG straighten ABS
mapa-rni ERG anoint ABS
marda-rni ERG hold ABS
marnpi-rni ERG touch ABS
mati-rni ABS go in procession
mila-rni ERG select (best one of) ABS
mirri-rni ERG erase ABS
ngaja-rni ERG void ABS
nganti-rni ERG erect ABS
ngarlki-rni ERG block ABS
ngarri-rni ERG scold ABS
ERG tell ABS to DAT
ERG signify ABS
ngarrmi-rni ERG ritually increase ABS
nyunji-rni ERG kiss ABS
paja-rni ERG taste ABS
paji-rni ERG cut ABS
paka-rni ERG strike ABS
pangi-rni ERG scratch ABS
panti-rni ERG pierce ABS
parda-rni ABS wait for DAT
parlji-rni ERG wash ABS
parnta-rni ERG withdraw-from-fire ABS
-parri-rni ERG act on ABS
payi-rni ERG ask ABS about DAT
-pirri-rni ERG act on ABS...
pirrki-rni ERG trim ABS
punta-rni ERG take ABS away from DAT
rdanpa-rni ABS accompany DAT
rdirrji-rni ABS start a fight
walji-rni ERG pluck ABS
wanja-rni ERG take ABS (sip) off DAT
wardi-rni ERG straighten ABS
wari-rni ERG tie ABS
warri-rni ERG seek DAT
warrka-rni ABS climb up
ERG ride ABS
winji-rni ERG pour ABS
wuurlparra-rni ERG dehair ABS
yaja-rni ERG enlist ABS
yarlki-rni ERG bite ABS
yarli-rni ERG soak ABS
yarrpi-rni ERG build fire ABS
yilyiwirrpi-rni ERG slurp up ABS
yingki-rni ERG set fire to ABS
yipi-rni ERG pick out pimple ABS
yirnti-rni ERG capsize ABS
yirra-rni ERG place ABS at LOC,ALL
ERG create design ABS on DAT
yirrpi-rni ERG insert ABS
yunpa-rni ERG sing song ABS
yurrpa-rni ERG grind ABS

ka-nyi ERG transport ABS
nya-nyi ERG perceive ABS
ERG look about for DAT
pi-nyi ERG act on ABS
yi-nyi ERG give ABS to DAT
mapara-nyi ERG anoint ABS
jurdurri-nyi ERG cover up ABS
yurlpara-nyi ERG send ABS

nga-rni ERG ingest ABS
ABS move

ji-ni ERG scold ABS
ma-ni ERG get ABS
ABS make noise
-ma-ni ERG cause ABS become...
ya-ni ABS go
-nji-ni inceptive
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