Workshop on linguistic and lexicographic software

University of Sydney, Transient Building, 6 March 99


8.30- 9.00 Coffee and muffins. Adjustments to programme

The Present

9.00- 9.30 Shoebox
[Nick Thieberger, Brett Baker, Chris Manning]
- getting in textfiles
- use for interlinearization
- general evaluation and discussion
9.30- 10.00 The USyd Filemaker Pro work
[Brett Baker, Chris Manning, Tony Williams]
10.00-10.30 Java Warlpiri dict interface [Kevin Jansz, Chris Manning]

10.30-11.00 Morning tea

11.00-11.30 What use are the present interfaces?

What users want out of dictionaries. Testing and usability
[Mim Corris, Mary Laughren, Sue Butler]
11.30-12.15 Presentations, discussions, methodological problems in linking different kinds of data
[some of Jon Patrick, Nick Thieberger, Dave Nathan,
James Lambert, Sarah Lee]
12.15- 1.30 Lunch

1.30- 2.30 Geographic interfaces: GIS/MapInfo

- Ian Johnson
- Nick Thieberger's material as example
2.30- 3.00 Discussion:
Isoglosses, what uses we can make of geographic interfaces [Ian Johnson /Nick Thieberger/Peter Austin/David Nash]
3.00- 3.30 Afternoon tea

3.30- 4.00 Audio interfaces: text sound linking. Needs and current possibilities

- [Brett Baker/Nick Thieberger/Chris Manning]
4.00- 4.30 Annotating video. Available software and possibilities
MediaTagger, anything people want to add
- David Nathan, MicNotePad, maybe, David Nash
4.30-5.30 The Future: Where do we go from here?
Frameworks for moving things forward: compatibility, commonalities, reuse, and data interchange
- Peter Austin
Working together: ways to cooperate/plan for the future
DINNER [restaurant in walking distance of university]
Discussion on future needs/goals/vision
Overflow of the very keen: place and time to be decided

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