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Motion pictures, video, and CD-ROM recordings relating to the Warumungu

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 This listing focusses on films and videos produced for distribution. It does not include items in video serials such as NT Government's Aboriginal Video Magazine, Central Land Council's CLC Video Magazine, or CAAMA's Nganampa/Anwernekenhe.
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Walking in the sunlight, walking in the shadow. [motion picture] 1967. Department of the Interior: Australian Commonwealth Film Unit [production company]. 51 min. : col.
NLA summary: Education and social integration of Northern Territory Aborigines. * filmed at Warrabri Native Settlement (now Alekarenge) * NLA FLM <A10110127> D317 D285
Australian Broadcasting Commission. 1970. 'Missus' of Banka Banka. film. sd. ; b&w. ; 28 min. A Big Country series.
AIATSIS Library summary: Banka Banka, a 1400 square mile cattle property in the central Northern Territory near Tennant Creek, and its Aboriginal community.
Recorded 1968. Sound recordist John Bourn. Film editor Robert Care-Wickham. Interviewers Ron Iddon, Peter Kudsen. Directed by John Cooper. Executive Producer John Sparkes.
Kendon, Adam. 1984. Tennant Creek Sign Language. 13 Videocassettes (VHS): sd., col.  [Warumungu and Warlmanpa handsigns, demonstrated by senior women] * deposited at AIATSIS AV  KENDON_VIDEO_003
Sir Baldwin Spencer: Fieldwork. [includes: dancing at Jurnkurakurr, interviews, hunting demonstrations.] Directed by Andre Singer. Produced by Bruce Dakowski for Central Independent Television, London W1. * 1:34'53" - includes archive and specially recorded footage - British National Sound Archive call number V5217/3 * Central Independent Productions recording, 56', broadcast BBC Channel 4 on 14 August 1988  * in 1994 CIT became Central Broadcasting
Fieldwork. Singer, André; Brook, Sue; Dakowski, Bruce; Central Independent Television, and Films for the Humanities (Firm), producers. Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities; 1990. 1 videocassette (52 min.); sd., col 1/2 in. (Pioneers of social anthropology Strangers abroad).  VHS format. Item: BVL2541.
Strangers Abroad. Programme : 6 x 1 hour. A Carlton Production. Description: "From New Guinea to the USA, India, Africa and Europe, this film retraces the steps of six anthropologists who were among the first to go and live with the people who so intrigued them." * Carlton International Media Limited, Greenford, Middlesex, UK. * reviewed by Ian Dunlop 'Strangers Abroad—Fieldwork: But whose film work?'  Anthropology Today 2.6 (Dec., 1986), 15-16. DOI: 10.2307/3032839
Fire in the Mind. No.5 in the series Voice of the Planet. Produced & directed by Jeremy Hogarth, for Maryland Public Television and ABC Natural History Unit. * includes segment recorded early July 1988 south-east of Tennant Creek
See Singer et al 1985.
[about McLaren Creek cattle operation] Lateline. ABC Current Affairs. 2 June 1992.  * includes interview with Murphy Japanangka
1991 (1993?)
Cubadgee Returns. A Current Affair. Broadcast on Imparja and Nine Network, 15 July 1991 (1993?) * about return and burial at Tennant Creek of remains of Dick Cubadgee, includes interview with the late J Frank Jakamarra, Lester Russell (SA Museum)
Strong Women Strong Land. Women of the Barkly. Fourth United Nations World Women's Forum. Beijing, China. 25min. VHS video recording. * Big Red Productions (PO Box 2265, Katherine NT 0851) [Gerardine O'Sullivan, with assistance of CLC, Tennant Creek] * copy at Tennant Creek Public Library VID 700.994295 TCCOLL
[story on land titles near Tennant Creek town returned at Maryann Dam]. Bruce Honeywell reporting. Imparja News. Broadcast 30 October 1996.
Yawulyu Mungamunga. Dreaming Songs of Warumungu Women, Tennant Creek, Central Australia. Produced by Papulu Apparr Kari Language and Culture Centre, Tennant Creek. Recordings by Linda Barwick. Notes by Linda Barwick with assistance of Papulu Apparr Kari and Jane Simpson. Festival Records CD D139686.  * launched by Marcia Langton at the 23rd annual meeting of the Musicological Society of Australia, Saturday 29 April, Sydney University; and Wednesday 24 May, Tennant Creek * available from Festival; ASIN: B00004TKCR
Program 3. Tennant Creek. Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series II. 30 mins. CAAMA Productions © 2000  Distributed by ABC Video Program Sales under national non theatric educational video distribution rights. * "Tennant Creek: The Moonga Moonga dance tells the story of all things sacred for the women of the Waramunga tribe. In this program we look at the story behind the dance and its meaning."
‘Family Problems: Your Rights When Things Go Wrong’. A cross cultural legal education video in Warumungu and Warlpiri. Produced in 2007. DVD launched in mid-2008. NT Legal Aid Commission’s Indigenous Families Project. * Tennant Creek launch
Handing Down Knowledge: Intergenerational Transfer of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge (IEK) – Southern NT 2008-2010. Interactive DVD-Rom showcasing projects. Alice Springs: Central Land Council. * contains an audio-visual record of 44 of the 49 projects supported by the Handing Down Knowledge Intergenerational Transfer of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge (IEK) Program across the southern region of the Northern Territory * includes '44 Warumungu Bird Poster and Resource Kit', '46 Warlmanpa and Warumungu Women's Plant Project', 47 Teaching and Learning Murnarri Murnarri for Country'
Sniffing Story. [Warumungu version]
* 'made in collaboration with the Volatile Substance Abuse team at the NT Department of Health'
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