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David P. Wilkins – selected publications and other papers

David P. Wilkins, BA(Hons), PhD (ANU)
wilkinsdavidp AT : 38 publications listed at 30 Jan 2016

Papers available at : 24 at 30 Jan 2016:

Ethnography of pointing questionnaire version 2
Questionnaire on Motion in Australian Languages (modified) By David Nash and David Wilkins
Exploring the Importance of Emotional Competence in Children With Complex Communication Needs By David Wilkins and Sarah Blackstone
Adam Kendon (2004). Gesture: Visible action as utterance
When ˝go˝ means ˝come˝: Questioning the basicness of basic motion verbs
Exploring the elements of narrative that emerge in the interactions between an 8-year-old child who uses an AAC device and her teacher By David Wilkins and Elizabeth Hartmann
Key principles underlying research and practice in AAC
The background to the study of the language of space
Patterns in the data: towards a semantic typology of spatial description
Double dissociation of letter and category fluency following left frontal and temporal lobe lesions
The case for “effector”: Case roles, agents, and agency revisited
Grammars of Space
Anatomical Correlates of Sentence Comprehension and Verbal Working Memory in Neurodegenerative Disease By David Wilkins and Nina Dronkers
Twelve tips for effective international clinical placements
Semantic Typology and Spatial Conceptualization By Eve Danziger and David Wilkins
Role of frontal versus temporal cortex in verbal fluency as revealed by voxel-based lesion symptom mapping
Role of the precentral gyrus of the insula in complex articulation
Lesion analysis of the brain areas involved in language comprehension
The neural basis of surface dyslexia in semantic dementia
Is problem solving dependent on language?
Clinical and anatomical correlates of apraxia of speech
Linguistic research under aboriginal control: A personal account of fieldwork in central Australia
Is it bigger than a breadbox? Performance of patients with prefrontal lesions on a new executive function test
Double dissociation of letter and category fluency following left frontal and temporal lobe lesions

Wilkins, David P. 2016. Alternative representations of space: Arrernte narratives in sand and sign, pp.253-282 in The Visual Narrative Reader, edited by Neil Cohen. London: Bloomsbury. * republished from 1997

Meagher, Gabrielle and David P. Wilkins. 2014. What Tony Abbott talks about when he talks about ‘welfare’. Australian Review of Public Affairs October 2014

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Wilkins, David P. 2007. 'Same argument structure, different meanings: Learning 'put' and 'look' in Arrernte'. In M. Bowerman and P. Brown (eds.), Crosslinguistic perspectives on argument structure: Implications for learnability. Mahwah, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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1995, ‘The Best Record’ workshop organised at the MPI Nijmegen.

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