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mapDavidson, D. Sutherland. 1938. An ethnic map of Australia. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 79.4, 649-679

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coverDavidson, D. Sutherland. 1938. A preliminary register of Australian tribes and hordes. Philadelphia, Pa. : American Philosophical Society. vi+130 leaves. 1996 microfilm (copy of NLA volume) at AIATSIS Library, call number MF 224 * introduction (1.2MB PDF) * sample page 104 (712kB GIF)

Davidson's papers at the Burke Museum, Seattle, includes a copy of his 1938 map with handwritten additions in the eastern Pilbara. Copied (1980) on fiche 10 of 'Australia collection' at AIATSIS Library, call number MFE 170.

1. per Davidson's Register p.114: Mathews, Robert Hamilton. 1900. The Wombya organization of the Australian Aborigines. American Anthropologist 2,494-501. * p.498 lists various groups, keyed to a location map.  No.9 is '...Meening, Jarroo, and Munga tribes...', with Munga placed on lower Sturt Creek and Lake Gregory

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