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Forty years on
Ken Hale and Australian languages

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addenda and corrigenda

page change
xv, Map 1 delete sea route Weipa-Mornington Island; add sea route Aurukun-Edward River; correct location of 'Mona Mona' to 30km north-west of Cairns
1 correct '1961-63' and '1963-66' respectively to '1961-64' and '1964-66'
3 first item, correct volume to '11'
add items and make amendments as listed at top of bibliography page
20n4 correct note to read 'This is the Joint Australian U.S. Geological & Geophysical Research Station in Schwartz Crescent, Alice Springs.'
44 and  caption: replace 'Mick Connell Jupurrula' with 'Sam Johnson Japangardi'
46, middle line of middle para
replace 'eastern' with 'western'
60, middle para, 3rd last line
replace 'vowel' with 'consonant'
147n14 replace 'Church of England' with 'Anglican Church of Australia'
160 caption: add year: 1989; add credit: J.D. Sloan, freelance photographer for MIT Spectrum
280, line 15 replace 'Southern Pilbara' with 'Murchison-Gascoyne'
308, note 6, line 2
delete 'non-' so the word is 'elliptical'
325 add 'Lorraine Injie' to acknowledgements footnote
350 add 'Finn Sørensen' as third editor to Baron and Herslund, eds, in press : published 2001
351 add 'pp.67-84' and change date to '2001' for McGregor, in press
400, caption add year, 1954
429, caption add 'Ken Hale and Mick Charles. Collection of Doug Belcher'
528 under 'Yir-Yoront', add '209'

typographical errors

page for replace with action
xvii, last line Gaven Gavan
18, 1997 Honan interview 12 March 31 December
23, column 2, 4th last line early nearly
25 text box, line 14 subtantial substantial
28 last para, 3rd line was as
56, last line

add: "Rounding may be manifested at onset of the consonant or consonant cluster with which it is "
66n43, 91n5, 102n26, 106n30

delete leading space
66, last par, line 1

83, 5th line from bottom with the Simpson Desert within the Simpson Desert
83, 2nd line from bottom combined within three combined with three
96 ex.7; 97 ex.10 althalth, rlterrk; urnt-em, unt-em althalth, rlterrk, urnt-em, unt-em (change italic to roman)
137, 2nd paragraph, 2nd line

at end, add full stop
165, last para of section 3, 2nd line could also seen as  could also be seen as
173, 2nd para, 2nd last line

178, 2nd last line en-dash hyphen
183, 185 (3 times) Cataldi and Rockman 1968 Cataldi and Rockman 1994
195, sentence (6)e. jurlpuwirnpirli jurlpu wirnpirli
206, line 10 grammatial grammatical
209 s3.1.2.1 line 7; 224, line 2 Yir-Yiront Yir-Yoront
267n8 inerpretation interpretation
279, item 9 4th last line (row b)
279, item 9 last line Adnyamthanha  Adnyamathanha
292, last two lines

join up "— see Table 6." with preceding line
332 Table 1 1994 Stackpole Stacpoole
332 Table 1 1994-1995 Olajejo Oladejo
338, 341, 345 (twice) in section titles PPXS PPXs
341, 6th line environmental environment
369, 2nd para 3rd last line -muyuk
move hyphen to next line
392, 3rd line and (6a). and (6a)).
397, 3rd para line 9 Jingil Jingili
417, 2nd para,last line compl(ement) (2b) comp(lement) (2b)
424, Dixon 1980

indent Dixon 1980 reference
424, Hale 1973 Warlpiri Walbiri
433-445 odd header Yanangaar Yanangarr
451, sentence 19 there:DC
move left to under inhn
471, 1st, 4th, 6th lines after heading

at left margin insert "Sung: ", "Spoken: ", "[With "
485, line 11

489, 2nd last line Yir-Yiront Yir-Yoront
523 Arrernte Imarnt Arrernt Imarnt

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