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Laves Workshop

9:30am for 10am, Friday 8 December 2000

Top Floor, Transient Building F12, Fisher Road

Department of Linguistics, University of Sydney

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from 9:30am, Room 232 (tea-room), Top Floor (southern end) : introductions, welcome

Room 246, opposite Linguistics Inquiries office
10am :

Michael Walsh <>:
My role in tracking down Laves' materials
Gavan Breen <> (in absentia) & David Nash :
Puzzling symbols in Laves' Cloncurry notes
Isabel McBryde (Canberra) :
Laves in the cultural landscapes of the Clarence Valley, NSW

11am : morning tea, Room 232

Frank Zandvoort <> : Matngele (='Emdil') and symbols

Gary Williams (Nambucca Heads) & Steve Morelli <> (Christian Brothers, Strathfield) :
Laves' 'Kumbaingeri' Gumbaynggir material and how the language centre used them

Barry Alpher <> in absentia : 'Athima' (like Ogunyjan)
Patrick McConvell <> (in absentia) & David Nash :
'Anyumarla' (Wave Hill, NT)
Nick Reid <> :
The crucial clue: Gerhardt Laves' Ngan'gimerri fieldnotes

1pm : lunch (at Women's Sports Centre (Ralph's) or other nearby eateries)
Others who attended:
Elizabeth Marcuson (née Laves) <>
Julia & Alex Marcuson <>
Jane Simpson <>
Margaret Sharpe <>
Valerie Chapman (Manly) (AIAS Librarian 1980s)
Mark Harvey <>
Diana Macallum
Barbara Jones <>
Susan Poetsch <>
Others unable to attend:
Emily Walker (Nambucca Heads)
Amanda Lissarrague <>
Barbara Lewincamp <> (AIATSIS Librarian)
Tamsin Donaldson <>
Interest in the Laves collection

1st circular:

Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 12:52:49 +1100 (EST)
From: David Nash <>

I am sending this circular to the people listed in to
propose a meeting about Gerhardt Laves' Australian research, starting
at 10am on Friday 8 December.  (Let me know if there is someone else
who ought to get this message who isn't on the list.)  Jane Simpson
has agreed to host the meeting at the Department of Linguistics,
University of Sydney.

Elizabeth Marcuson, one of Laves' daughters, will be in Sydney then
with some of her family, and is interested in meeting people who are
have worked with her father's records.

One topic for discussion and swapping insights is the basic matter of
the conventions which Laves used in his field notes: such as how
information is laid out, and the special symbols used.  Obviously we
will all be able to make better use of the material if the various
conventions can be documented, and I believe we are still at an early
stage of discerning the conventions.

For many languages Laves' records add substantially to the data
previously available, so another topic is the emerging assessment of
Laves' contribution.

We would like to hear from you if you can make the proposed meeting.
If there is a topic you would like to talk about (or hear discussed),
let me know a title, and how much time you would like.  In a week's
time I will collate the replies and draft a programme for the day,
which I will keep updated on the web page for the meeting,


Comments welcome: send to

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