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Table of contents
1 Bibliography of Ken Hale and Australian languages
Compiled by David Nash 1

2 Reminiscences of the trip to Australia 1959—1961
Sara Whitaker Hale 19

3 ‘Both sides of the bitumen’: Ken Hale remembering 1959
Jennifer Green, ed. 29

4 The wonders of Arandic phonology
Gavan Breen 45

5 Basic vocabulary of the Arandic languages: from classification to reconstruction
Harold Koch 71

6 Common sense: continuing in the comparative tradition
Jennifer Green and Myfany Turpin 89

7 On the love of languages
Aram A. Yengoyan 113

8 Critical reflections on the history of bilingual education in Central Australia
Robert Hoogenraad 123

9 Semantic contrasts in Warlpiri verbal morphology: a Warlpiri’s verbal view
Robin Japanangka Granites and Mary Laughren 151

10 The School of Australian Linguistics
Paul Black and Gavan Breen 161

11 Rhetoric and diction in the oral epic: Molly Tasman Napurrurla’s Jajirdikirli
Lee Cataldi 179

12 Explaining typological differences between languages: de facto topicalisation in English and Warlpiri
Tim Shopen 187

13 What Warlpiri ‘avoidance’ registers do with grammar
Mary Laughren 199

14 Tribute to Ken Hale: our 1960 collaboration
Geoff O’Grady 227

15 Hale and O’Grady’s 1960 SA and WA vocabularies
David Nash and Geoff O’Grady 231

16 The trickle becomes a flood: some of the context of the Hale—O’Grady  work and its after-effects
Margaret Sharpe 239

17 Karnic classification revisited
Claire Bowern 245

18 The tragedy of Nauo
Luise Hercus and Jane Simpson 263

19 Two southern Australian vocabularies: Parnkalla (Barngarla) and Karlamayi
Geoff O’Grady 291

20 Word order in a free word order language: the case of Jiwarli
Peter K. Austin 305

21 Wangka Maya, the Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre
Janet Sharp and Nick Thieberger 325

22 Non-verbal predicative possession in Nyulnyulan languages
William McGregor 337

23 On the syntax and semantics of trying
Alan Rumsey 353

24 "Ken Hale would just love this": finding the 31st Ngan'gityemerri finite verb
Nicholas Reid 365

25 Form and context in Jawoyn placenames
Francesca Merlan 367

26 On the typological and genetic affiliation of Jingulu
Rob Pensalfini 385

27 Wambaya in motion
Rachel Nordlinger 401

28 The noun phrase in Australian languages
Barry J. Blake 415

29 Reminiscences of my meeting and working with Ken Hale in Australia
Stephen A. Wurm 427

30 Leerdil Yuujmen bana Yanangarr (Old and New Lardil)
Norvin Richards 431

31 Learn Yir-Yoront
?Ngerr-Thuy and Barry Alpher 447

32 Talking language
Peter Sutton 453

33 Playing songs can be dangerous
Barry Alpher and Kevin Keeffe 465

34 The morphodirectional sphere
Ephraim Bani 477

35 Where have all the onsets gone? Initial consonant loss in Australian Aboriginal languages
Juliette Blevins 481

36 The complete person: networking the physical and the social
Nick Evans and David Wilkins 493

Index of languages 522

List of maps
Map 1: Australia, showing travel route and places where Hale recorded languages xv
Map 2: Central Australia locations xvi
Map 3: Arandic languages and some neighbouring languages xvii
8 Hoogenraad Map 1: Schools and communities referred to in text 126 15 Nash and O’Grady Map 1: Locations where language was recorded by O’Grady and Hale
in March—April 1960 232
17 Bowern Map 1: Languages of the Lake Eyre Basin 246 18 Hercus and Simpson Map 1: Sketch map of Eyre Peninsula from Berndt (1985:129) 268
Map 2: Sketch map of Eyre Peninsula from Tindale (1938—39:1031) 269
Map 3: The southern dialects of Australia, from Grey (1845) 273
21 Sharp and Thieberger Map 1: Approximate location of indigenous languages of the Pilbara region (Wangka Maya) 326 26 Pensalfini Map 1: Jingulu and its neighbours 386 32 Sutton Map 1: Cape York Peninsula: places and language groups referred to 456
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