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Forty years on
Ken Hale and Australian languages
edited by
Jane Simpson, David Nash, Mary Laughren, Peter Austin and Barry Alpher

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addenda and corrigenda

page change
Add a 1998 publication:

Hale, Ken & Jay Keyser. 1998. The basic elements of argument structure, pp.73-118 in Papers from the UPenn/MIT Roundtable on Argument Structure and Aspect, ed. by Heidi Harley. Held at MIT in spring 1997.  MIT Working Papers in Linguistics Volume 32. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Working Papers in Linguistics. * Warlpiri pp.87,92-94, Lardil pp.98-99
44 caption: replace 'Mick Connell Jupurrula' with 'Sam Johnson Japangardi'
160 caption: add year: 1989; add credit: J.D. Sloan, freelance photographer for MIT Spectrum
400 caption: add year, 1954

typographical errors

page for replace with action
xvii, last line Gaven Gavan
23, column 2, 4th last line early nearly
25 text box, line 14 subtantial substantial
28 last para, 3rd line was as

delete leading space
178, 2nd last line

replace en-dash with hyphen
195, sentence (6)e. jurlpuwirnpirli jurlpu wirnpirli
206, line 10 grammatial grammatical
267n8 inerpretation interpretation
433-445 odd header Yanangaar Yanangarr
451, sentence 19 there:DC
move left to under inhn
471, 1st, 4th, 6th lines after heading

at left margin insert "Sung: ", "Spoken: ", "[With "
489, 2nd last line Yir-Yiront Yir-Yoront

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