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In Memoriam Ken Hale 1934-2001

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The Ken Hale Chair. A Linguistic Institute Professorship in Field Methods, proposed at the May 2003 meeting of the Linguistic Society of America Executive Committee * inauguration 10 July 2005 * Hale Professorship Holders

The SSILA established the *Ken Hale Prize* to recognize outstanding work and commitment to the documentation and preservation of indigenous languages. See Newsletter XXI:1(April 2002),1-2.

Linguistics Society of America Kenneth L. Hale Book Award. First presented in 2002, the award recognizes outstanding linguistic scholarship that documents a particular endangered or no longer spoken language or language family. Linguistic Society of America Bulletin No. 174, December 2001. See also SSILA Newsletter XXI:2 (July 2002),3-4.

Obituaries (latest to earliest)

Anthropological Linguistics 46. 3 (Fall 2004), 342-345. Ken Hale: an appreciation, by R.M.W. Dixon

Language 79.2(June 2003),411-422. Kenneth Locke Hale, by Samuel Jay Keyser.

American Anthropologist, 105.1 (March 2003), pages 222-225, 'Kenneth L. Hale (1934-2001)' by Aram Yengoyan * AA Abstract: A profile of Kenneth L. Hale, who passed away Oct. 8, 2001, is presented. A master of verbal skills with an amazing ability to learn multiple new languages, Hale also possessed uncanny insight into the deepest structural significances of these languages. He was a linguist with a mission.

Native Language Network, Winter/Spring 2002, page 7, Kenneth L. Hale (1934-2001). Newsletter of The Indigenous Language Institute

Anthropology News 43.4(April 2002),33, by John B. Haviland * mention in Anthropology News 43.1(January 2002),31

SSILA Newsletter (January 2002) XX:4,5-6, by Jane H. Hill

Aboriginal History (ISSN 0314-8769) 25(2001), pages 265-275, 'Obituary Kenneth Locke Hale (1934-2001)', by Mary Laughren

Wani: Revista del Caribe Nicaragüense número 27 (Julio-Diciembre 2001), 28-30. El Legado del Dr. Kenneth Hale, by Alvaro Rivas * a publication of CIDCA (Centro de Documentación de la Costa Atlántica) * online from 2014

GLOT International, Vol. 5 No. 9/10, November/December 2001, pages 339-340, by David Nash

OGMIOS Newsletter of Foundation for Endangered Languages 2.6 (#18) (Winter 2001-2002), page 24; see also cover feature of 2.5 (#17) (Autumn 2001).

An Teanga Bheo / Irish Times, 21 November 2001, 'An Peann Coitianta: Tionscnamh teangacha', by Liam î Muirthile

Australian Aboriginal Studies 2001/2,84-86, 'Kenneth Locke Hale. Linguist, language rights activist, specialist on indigenous languages especially Native American and Australian. 1934-2001', by David Nash

Australian 'Time and Tide', 4 December 2001, page 12, 'American's work spoke to Warlpiri', by David Nash

Mention in Alistair Cooke's 'Letter From America', Monday, 3 December 2001; BBC and rebroadcast worldwide from 2 December 2001

Guardian, 10 November 2001 'The master of more than 50 languages, he fought to protect vanishing native traditions', by SJ Keyser
>> longer unedited version

Resist Newsletter (ISSN 0897-2613), 10.9(November 2001),2 [preprint], 'Resist Remembers Founder Ken Hale', by Wayne O'Neil

Australian Linguistic Society Newsletter [ALS members access] [general access], 4/2001, by Mary Laughren

Toronto Star, 4 November 2001, 'Farewell to a man of many tongues', by Jay Ingram

Boston Herald, 2 November 2001, 'Obituary; Kenneth Hale, 67, MIT linguistics professor'

Economist, vol.361 issue: 8246 1 November 2001, p.89 ~ p.105, 'Kenneth Hale, a master of languages', unsigned (

Cape Cod Times, 25 October 2001, from Los Angeles Times, augmented by CCT writer Sean Gonsalves >> text

Los Angeles Times, 24 October 2001, 'Kenneth Hale, 67; Legendary Linguist', by Elaine Woo * reprinted as 'Linguist Kenneth Hale, 67; Knew 50 Tongues', The Washington Post, 28 October 2001

New York Times, 19 October 2001, page C13, 'Kenneth L. Hale, 67, Preserver of Nearly Extinct Languages. A natural linguist who strove to keep unwritten speech from disappearing', by Wolfgang Saxon * reprinted in: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 21 October 2001; The Globe and Mail, 29 October 2001

Boston Globe, 12 October 2001

The Tech, vol.121 no.50, 12 October 2001

MIT News Office

In memoriam

Volumes dedicated

Wani: Revista del Caribe Nicaragüense número 38 (Julio-Sept. 2004) * a publication of CIDCA (Centro de Documentación de la Costa Atlántica) * 'Homenaje a Keneth Hale' * includes 'Sumos, mayagnas, tuahka, panamahka, ulwa? Lengua e identidad étnica' by Keneth Hale y Elena Benedicto, pp.6-24 * 'El grupo "Lingüistas por Nicarangua" Entrevista al Dr. Keneth Hale' Alvaro Rivas Gómez, pp.25-33

Making dictionaries. Preserving Indigenous languages of the Americas. Edited by William Frawley, Kenneth Hill, and Pamela Munro. University of California Press, 2002. Reviewed by Frances Karttunen, International Journal of Lexicography 17.1(2004),91-92. "Dedicated to the memory of Ken Hale, a linguist universally esteemed by his colleagues"

Introduction to John Henderson & David Nash, eds. 2002. Language in Native Title. Canberra: AIATSIS Native Title Research Unit, Aboriginal Studies Press.

Bert Vaux & Justin Cooper. Linguistic field methods. 2005 Draft. "We would like to dedicate this book to the memory of Ken Hale, an inspiring theoretical and field linguist, and (unknown to many) a great armenologist and abkhazologist." (p.4)

Richard K. Larsen. Grammar as science. 2010. MIT Press. Dedication and portrait (Photo by Sabine Iatridou). (p.[v])

Nonconfigurationality: special session in memory of Ken Hale (chair: N. Richards). Friday November 8, 2002, NELS 33, 2002

John R. Ross, Daniel L. Everett, Eloise Jelinek and Heidi Harley, Ella Perkins, MaryAnn Willie, Colette Grinevald, Peter K. Austin Recollections of Kenneth L. Hale (1934 2001). Linguistic Typology 6-2 (2002)
To/From the Editors / R.M.W. Dixon. Correction of error Linguistic Typology 8-1 (2004),145-7.

Editorial Notes. 'Hale, Wurm, and Mezzofanti', SSILA Newsletter XX:4,2-4, by Victor Golla.

A short memorial was held at the SSILA Business Meeting SSILA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, 4 January 2002.

Boston University Linguistics program from 2002 established the Ken Hale Linguistics Award. See the list of recipients.

First international meeting of the Brazilian Working Group on Indigenous Languages (GTLI), Federal University of Pará, 12 October 2001. "Attendees were especially saddened by the news of the death of Ken Hale, who had been invited to deliver a keynote address."SSILA Newsletter XXI:3(October 2002),10-11, and Bulletin No. 174; see also Ogmios Newsletter 2.6 (#18) : Winter — 31 January 2002.

La comisión organizadora ha decidido dedicar el I Encuentro de Gramática Generativa a la memoria de Ken Hale, 22 al 24 de noviembre de 2001, Mendoza  [full programme]

Abdelkader Fassi-Fehri "dedicated to the memory of Ken Hale" his MIT LING-LUNCH talk on Thursday, September 25, 2003

VII Encuentro Internacional de Linguistica en el Noroeste: in memoriam Kenneth L. Hale (Universidad de Sonora, Hermosillo, 13-15 November, 2002)

Resist established a special Ken Hale Tribute Grant for support of Native American groups that request Resist funding.

Poem by Haj Ross

A memorial service was held at the Wong Auditorium of the Tang Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, at 2:00pm on Thursday, November 1, 2001.  MIT's Academic Media Production Services made a video recording.

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'In 1967, prompted by her friendship with Ken Hale, the distinguished linguist who was working at the time on Warlpiri language, Moyle recorded at Yuendumu and Alice Springs.'
Stubington, Jill. Alice Marshall Moyle, 1908-2005. The Australian Journal of Anthropology,  August, 2005


Memorial Service


Pesetsky, O'Neil

SSILA Bulletin Number 148: October 10, 2001

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