John Henderson and David Nash (eds)
Published 2002 by Aboriginal Studies Press
328pp,  25x17.5cms, pb $39.95 (includes GST) plus postage.
ISBN 0 85575 388 9

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In 14 chapters, advocates for communities and linguists involved as expert witnesses in native title cases discuss the analytical methods most productive to presenting evidence of continuity of culture and attachment to land.
Papers presented to the Linguistic Issues in Native Title Claims workshop, Australian Linguistic Society (ALS) annual conference, University of WA, Saturday 2 October 1999.

The book was launched on 12 July 2002 by Assoc Prof Cliff Goddard at the welcome function for the Australian Linguistic Society and ALAA Conferences at Macquarie University.

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1-19  Language and Native Title
John Henderson

21-41  Linguistic Evidence and Native Title Cases in Australia
Peter Sutton

43-52  Linguistic Continuity in Colonised Country
Jeanie Bell

53-99  Country and the Word: Linguistic Evidence in the Croker Sea Claim
Nicholas Evans

101-159  Linguistics and the Yorta Yorta Native Title Claim
Heather Bowe

161-185  The Language of the Peak Hill Aboriginal People: A Linguistic Report in a Native Title Claim
Tamsin Donaldson

187-204  Labels, Language and Native Title Groups: The Miriuwung-Gajerrong Case
Greg McIntyre and Kim Doohan

205-230  Historical Linguistic Geography of South-East Western Australia
David Nash

231-244  Language Ownership: A Key Issue for Native Title
Michael Walsh

245-258  Can Lexicostatistics Contribute an Absolute Time-Scale to Discussions
   of Continuity of Occupation in Native Title Determinations?
Barry Alpher

259-290  Linguistic Stratigraphy and Native Title: The Case of Ethnonyms
Patrick McConvell

291-310  Making Your Skin Fit Properly: Displaced Equivalence in 'Skin' Systems in the Barkly
Gavan Breen

311-315  Linguists and Native Title
John Henderson

321-328  Index


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