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Warlmanpa language

ISO 639-3 wrl | Glottolog warl1255 | AIATSIS C17

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Warlmanpa language

Neighbouring languages

100-item list, except # on 160-item SCAL list
of the 100 items, only 1 Warlmanpa/Jingilu word also shared with Warlpiri (karlarra 'west'); 5 not shared with Warlpiri (japarrka 'liver', tika 'fat', partangarra 'moon', tartu 'many', partakurru 'good')
Percentages in blue, including all Ngarti Ngarinyman Jaru and Walmajarri, from Patrick McConvell p.c. 31/7/01

another tally for Ngardi: Warlpiri 47, Nyininy 39, Walmajarri 38, Jaru 35, Kukatja 26, Pintupi 18


Land claims with a Warlmanpa component
heard by the Aboriginal Land Commissioner
report no. year report
claim name
11 1982 Warlmanpa, Warlpiri, Mudbura and Warumungu
14 1982 Kaytej, Warlpiri and Warlmanpa

1993 Kanturrpa (Repeat)
51 1997 Warlmanpa (Muckaty Pastoral Lease)
hearing terminated by agreed addition of land to Schedule 1, no Report
Native Title claims

Banka Banka Native Title NTD6005/2001 (DC2001/005) filed 31/01/2001

Powell Creek Native Title NTD6038/2001 (DC2001/037) filed 21/05/2001

Helen Springs Native Title filed NTD6040/01 (DC2001/039) filed 21/06/2001

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