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Warumungu song references

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There is a complementary list of linguistic references, films and video recordings, and a (non-uniform) list of non-linguistic references
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Basedow, H. 1926. Sound recordings by the Mackay Exploring Expedition in Central Australia. Macdonnell Ranges, NT. Songs, originally recorded on wax cylinders. "4. Angarra. Chingali Warramunga" "14. Angarra. Chingali Warramunga" and "25. Chingali Warramunga". * wax cylinders held at National Museum of Australia * Disc Columbia HA261 at National Museum of Victoria. (Moyle 1966:8) * AIATSIS archive tape A8758 items 23-25
Harney, Bill (W.E.) & A.P. Elkin. 1949. Songs of the songmen. Aboriginal myths retold. FW Cheshire. * see new and revised edition, Rigby, 1968. * song rendered in English pp.58-60 'Song of the Walcutta', "(Waramunga Tribe)" [in Contents], notes pp.152-3
Capell, A. early 1950s? [Warumungu sound recordings, Phillip Creek.]  Man singing Warumungu Yam song (50:44 to 51:21).  Winggara [text] (51:50 to 52:45). * AIATSIS archive CAPELL_A01 - 00310A.
Elkin, AP. Papers, sound recordings, photographs, recorded at Phillip Creek 1953. Elkin papers, Archives, Sydney University.
Elkin, AP. Papers, sound recordings, recorded at Warrabri April 1958. "Kudjiga and associated chants mainly by Waramanga men"  (A Moyle 1966) Disc 75A in Sydney University Series. * see Jones 1965.
Holmes, Sandra Le Brun. 1964. Field tape number 5.  Recorded at Beswick, 2 December. Yanyula woman singing Djarada concerning a place near Banka Banka. * AIATSIS sound archive HOLMES_S04 - 00327A
Jones, Trevor Alan. 1965. Australian Aboriginal music: the Elkin collection's contribution toward an overall picture, pp.[286]-374 in Aboriginal Man in Australia, ed. by R & C Berndt. * Descriptive analysis of recordings from many locations including Phillip Creek. * see Elkin 1958
[includes: singing and dancing at Jurnkurakurr] Directed by Andre Singer. Produced by Bruce Bruce Dakowski  for Central Independent Television, London W1. * in 1994 CIT became Central Broadcasting
Fieldwork. Singer, André; Brook, Sue; Dakowski, Bruce; Central Independent Television, and Films for the Humanities (Firm), producers. Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities; 1990. 1 videocassette (52 min.); sd., col 1/2 in. (Pioneers of social anthropology Strangers abroad).  VHS format. Item: BVL2541.
Rights acquired by Carlton International Media Limited, Greenford, Middlesex, UK: Strangers Abroad. Programme : 6 x 1 hour. A Carlton Production.
Barwick, Linda. Wumpurrarni songs for papulanji: producing a CD of Warumungu women's songs for an Australian and a global audience. Plenary paper delivered to the 35th World Conference of the ICTM, Hiroshima, 21 August 1999.
Yawulyu Mungamunga. Dreaming Songs of Warumungu Women, Tennant Creek, Central Australia. Produced by Papulu Apparr Kari Language and Culture Centre, Tennant Creek. Recordings by Linda Barwick. Notes by Linda Barwick with assistance of Papulu Apparr Kari and Jane Simpson. Festival Records CD D139686. * launched Saturday 29 April, Sydney University; Wednesday 24 May, Tennant Creek.
Marsh, Kathryn (recorder). 2002. Musical play practises of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children in central Australia.  10 videocassettes (VHS) (360 min.) * includes "play songs by children in several locations in the vicinity of Tenant Creek" * AIATSIS MARSH_K01
Marsh, Kathryn. 2002. Observations on a case study of song transmission and preservation in two Aboriginal communities : dilemmas of a "neo-colonialist" in the field. Research studies in music education 19,4-13.
Marsh, Kathryn. 2003. Playground pedagogy : a comparison of transmission processes in children's musical play in Sydney and the Northern Territory. 14th ASME National Conference, Darwin, July 2003. 19 leaves. * AIATSIS pMS 6066
Jalajirrpa Band. Tracks on Bands of the Barkly CD. Barkly Arts musicians page
Marett, Allan and Linda Barwick. 2003. Endangered songs and endangered languages, pp.144-151 in Maintaining the Links: Language, Identity and the Land, ed. by Joe Blythe & R. McKenna Brown. Proceedings of the Seventh FEL Conference. Broome. Western Australia. 22-24 September. Bath, UK: Foundation for Endangered Languages.  ISBN 0-9538248-5-3 * pp.146-148 'Yawulyu Mungamunga songs'
Warren H Williams and The Warumungu Songmen. 2011. Winanjjara: The Song Peoples Sessions. Tennant Creek: Barkly Regional Arts. Double CD with 40pp. booklet * foreword by Patrick McCloskey * The Warumungu Songmen: Dick Foster, Colin Freddy, Harry Morrison, Banjo Johnny, Bobby Thompson, Pepy Simpson, Chuckler Simpson, Michael Williams, Michael Jones* launched at Desert Harmony Festival, Tennant Creek, 2 September 2011; reported in 'Historic anthem for Warumungu', Koori Mail 7 September 2011, page 13 * background 'Warren H. at the Song Peoples Sessions' at MusicNT
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