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Some photos in Glenn Wightman et al 2022, Long & Nash (eds) 2022, and Laughren et al 2022 — see below.

2022. Laurie McLean. 'Aerodist Station NM/C/40' * photograph of August 2022

2021. Spear throwing 1979, page 249 in My Yuendumu story : Yurntumu ngaju-nyangu yimi by Frank D. Baarda. Yuendumu, NT: Ngurra Publishing

2016. IPA landscapes
2016. Hill St sign (CSIRO, Black Mountain), page 52 in Gerald Freer Hill (1880–1954) by Bruce W. Strong. Deniliquin: Deniliquin Newspapers Pty Ltd

2015. 1979 Beetaloo Bill portrait added to ADB Online

2013. Paul Wise. 'NMG 56 some 53 years on' * uses several photographs of July 2012
2013. Paul Wise. 'Recollections………' * uses a 1981 photograph of an HAJ 'famous kipper tin'
(published online; paperback appeared March 2023). A note on an Australian homophone loanshift, Chapter 17, pages 258–271 in Endangered languages in the 21st century, edited by Eda Derhemi & Chris Moseley. London: Routledge. eBook ISBN 9781003260288 DOI 10.4324/9781003260288-20  * Festschrift for NDM Ostler * * online access
• further example: Carrier ɬits'e 'beets' (i.e. beetroot) < ɬi 'dog' + ts'e 'female' = 'bitch'  because "to a Carrier speaker, English "beets" and "bitch" are homophones since there is no tense/lax contrast and palatal affricates are not allowed in the coda" [thanks to Bill Poser]

2022. Laughren, Mary with Kenneth Hale, Jeannie Egan Nungarrayi, Marlurrku Paddy Patrick Jangala, Robert Hoogenraad, David Nash, Jane Simpson. 2022.Warlpiri encyclopaedic dictionary. Warlpiri yimi-kirli manu jaru-kurlu. Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press. ISBN 9781925302424 * released 1 December 2022 * launched at Yuendumu 8 March 2023
2022. The Westland Widgeon Kookaburra, 1929. Presented to Cowra Aero Club dinner, Cowra Golf Club, 7pm 19 March 2022

2021. Liquid anomaly: r-initial words in Warlpiri. GALW1 First Global Australian Languages Workshop (Session 1: Historical Linguistics & Multilingualism I), 17 May 2021.

2020. English invariant verbs semantics. Presented to Breen Symposium, online, Thursday 2 July 2020. * about  English verbs which do not distinguish Past and Present

2019. Mapping linguistic properties of Indigenous placenames. Presented to ANZMapS conference ‘Mapping in Action’, 25 September 2019, National Library of Australia, Canberra. * abstract in

2019. A test of Pama-Nyungan phylogenies: how close are Mirniny and Wirangu. Presnted at ICHL 24th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, 1st July 2019, ANU, Canberra. * earlier version presented to the 18th Australian Languages Workshop 15–17 March 2019, University of Melbourne, at Marysville * abstract

2017. The place of placenames, presented 15 December 2017 at workshop ‘Sociotopography: the interplay of language, culture, and environment’ at ALT2017 12th Conference of the Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT), ANU, Canberra. * abstract booklet

2017. Vowel colour, or phonic chiaroscuro, presented at the Symposium to honor the work of Andy Butcher on the occasion of his 70th Birthday, University of Melbourne, 12 October 2017

2017. Multiple compassionate interjections in Warlpiri. Presented at 'Emotional ‘sprinklers’: Interjections and evaluative morphology in Australian languages and elsewhere' convened by Maïa Ponsonnet, Rogers Room, Woolley Building, The University of Sydney, Friday 24 February 2017.

2016. Vehicle terminology in Australian languages. Presented at 'Professor Peter Sutton, ethnographer and contrarian: A celebration and colloquium', Ingkarni Wardli, University of Adelaide, Sunday 21 August 2016; and (as 'Wheeled vehicle terminology in Australian languages') at a symposium for the 25th anniversary of the Strehlow Research Centre, Alice Springs, Tuesday 27 September 2016.

2016. Warlmanpa verb roots in comparative perspective. Presented to Ngumpin-Mirndi Language Contact Workshop, 8 April 2016, St Leo's College, University of Queensland.

2014. Some remarks on ethnobiology fieldwork. Invited presentation to Plants, Animals, Words (PAW) Workshop, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, Friday 3 October 2014.

2014. The value of scientific names from (Australian) indigenous languages. Presented to FEL XVIII, Naha, Okinawa, 19 September 2014. * published in proceedings 2014

2014.  'Some case studies of word reconstitution: wombat, dingo, boomerang'. Invited presentation to AustKin workshop 'Garbled voices from the archives: Restoring Aboriginal words and meanings in historical sources', School of Literature Languages and Linguistics, ANU, Wednesday 16 April 2014

2013. Alternating generations again again. Presented to Central Australian Linguistic Circle (CALC), Alice Springs, 9 September 2013; presented 2 October 2013 to Australian Linguistic Society annual conference, University of Melbourne. * published online in selected papers 2014

2013. Bulga, Nyrang and other Pidgin placenames of NSW. 21pp. PDF. * published as 'Placenames evidence for NSW Pidgin' 2016

2013. Reviving unique words. Presented Thursday 25 July 2013 to 'Endangered Words, and Signs of Revival', Australex 2013 annual conference, The University of Adelaide. * abstract * published online in selected papers 2014

1982. 'Warlpiri Auxiliary Gapping', presented to Australian Linguistics Society Annual Meeting, Sydney, August. * PDF of handout

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